A few weeks ago our daughter, (not even 2 at the time) broke her elbow. The hospital had said she would need an operation to fix this. The sling the hospitals give out are not truly suitable for young children so i wanted something for our daughter to support her arm better. I found a lady called Tracey Basta at Childslings.co.uk and what she does is amazing and really helped Mia and I`m sure many other young children. Mia has just had her cast removed and an x-ray shows that now no operation needed and i believe that her sling played a big part in that. I thought this idea was amazing and wanted other children to not suffer because of the lack of support the NHS standard slings provide. It is a lot worse for little ones so Mason and Sons Roofing have decided to support the little ones of Surrey and have had a few of these made by the wonderful Tracey Basta and donated them to East Surrey Hospital. I hope this helps others as much as it has helped our little Mia Mouse 
Thank you so much for this lovely write up!   I am so glad I could help during a stressful and worrying time .. 
Thank you for buying additional slings to donate to your local hospital and I hope they were pleased with the additional ones that Childsling also donated ...   How wonderful you are to do this! Thank you.

You can also contact Tracey via the Message box on the Contact page (Click here)