Child Slings for Broken - Sprained Arm or Wrist custom made
My name is Tracey

Almost 10 years ago both of my Twins broke their arms with  just two weeks between breaks. 

My twin daughter could not get comfortable with the hospital triangle sling which rubbed on her neck giving her a constant headache. 

It seemed as if every one  we met would say “oh dear what have you done!” It made her feel so negative! 

Unable to purchase a sling designed for children I decided to design my own.  
With a comfortable Sling with adjustable webbing strap and fleece sleeve neck padding my daughter could finally get comfortable. 

The Adjustable neck strap easily clips on and off so the fabric sling can be washed.  It can be put on and removed easily and Is  reversible. 

Proud of her new trendy sling my daughter was not only comfortable but keen to show it off .. the response when people saw it was positive “oh wow look at that wonderful Sling” 
My twins were the talk of the town. 
Their School was happy to allow them to attend knowing their casts were well supported. 

After my slings were admired and given the thumbs up at our local fracture clinic I decided to make them to offer other to other children. 

I hope you will find a design that will help your child feel more positive during such a tough time. 

I’m happy to help with advise regarding size. 
Let us know your child’s age
is he/she in cast? 
Full cast (hand to armpit) 
Half cast (hand to elbow, above or below)
Wrist cast. 
No cast.
Children’s fabric arm Slings

Fabric children’s Sling for Broken arm wrist or
collar bone. Large selection of fabrics and
sizes available. Can be posted for £3.50 extra
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