Child Sling


Child's Slings for Broken/ Sprained Arm or Wrist custom made

Above, we have children from two separate customers who have kindly sent and let us use thier photos to show our slings for both girls and boys. This is the little boy Tom's third accident where our sling has been used and given comfort and Evie the little girl is seen wearing hers with a red cast and therefore had one made to match its colour.

Adjustable neck strap which easily clips on and off so fabric sling can be washed and sling can be put on and removed easily and Also reversible for pattern or plain look showing.


The horse design sling in the picture to the right is being worn by an 11 year old girl. Other horse designs are available.

Adjustable webbing neck strap which easily clips on and off so fabric sling can be washed and sling can be put on and removed easily and Also reversible.    .(cotton print outside, plain fleece inside)

Includes Webbing band to stop arm falling out of sling 

How I Came To Make and Sell Slings

Hello, my name is Tracey. I have unfortunately just had both my twins break their arms! yes both of them! at different times but both are in casts at the same time! So I made slings for them, to stop them constantly moaning about the knot in the back of the sling digging into their necks!

NO more knot rubbing with these stylish, trendy slings with comfortable adjustable neck strap!

Both children are now the talk of school and the fracture clinic for having such great practical trendy slings, so here they are for sale! (custom made).

Keep in your first aid cupboard for that sprain or injury that you hope will never happen but often does!

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